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Our bookkeeper, Wendie McDonald, is on leave for an indeterminate period of time. We are working on alternate arrangements for our bookkeeping functions, but bills and deposits will be delayed. If you need urgent assistance, please contact our Secretary, Ivy Stevens, or President, Anne-Marie Sargent.

Next board meeting:

Tuesday, September 12, 2023 5pm. 

Location TBD

**As of November 10, 2020, Meadowmeer Water Service Association has a moratorium on the purchase of new water shares.

Welcome to

Meadowmeer Water Service Association

MWSA is a small Class A community water system located on Bainbridge Island, in Washington state. The water system is owned by the Shareholders of the community and the water system is operated as a non-profit organization.


If you see an emergency that affects the safety of the public or property, please call 911. For water service emergencies, please report to the number below:

1 (360) 779-7656

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