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If you need urgent assistance, please contact our Secretary, Ivy Stevens, or President, Anne-Marie Sargent.



  • The shareholder is responsible for the cost of any water delivered through their service connection. Shareholders with rental units served by MWSA can request that billing be sent to the tenants.   Shareholders will be held responsible for payment of outstanding balances past three months due.


  • Payment for water service is due by the end of the following month.  Overdue notices and late fees are as follows:


• 30 days past due – A reminder on the following month bill is provided.

• 60 days past due – $10 late fee is assessed for each late billing period, and you are requested to contact MWSA concerning the overdue balance.

• 90 days past due, a certified letter is sent to request payment of the outstanding balance.

• 120 days past due – A $40 late fee is assessed for each late billing period, and If payment is not received within 10 days from receipt of certified letter or attempted delivery, termination of water service by MWSA may begin.


Billing Dispute Resolution Policy:


  • Billing discrepancies under $100 will be handled at the discretion of the Water Manager.


  • Bill disputes caused by a water leak within the Shareholders portion of the system will be resolved as follows following receipt of a letter from the Shareholder requesting resolution within three billing cycles (3 months):


  • If water leak is fixed and/or secured as soon as practicable after notification MWSA will reduce the bill by eliminating water charges in the top block affected by the leak.

  • Water leak quantity will be determined by analysis of the meter readings and past usage including annual peak usage. If water leak is not fixed in a timely manner, no reduction in the water bill will be given.

  • Only one billing resolution resulting in partial forgiveness of a water bill will be allowed within a 24 month period, or at the discretion of the board.

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