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Meadowmeer Water Service Association (MWSA) is a small Class A community water system located on Bainbridge Island. The water system serves 330 Shareholders and is owned by those Shareholders and operated as a non-profit organization. Our water service is managed by Kitsap Public Utility Department (KPUD).


The Meadowmeer neighborhood was the first development on Bainbridge Island in the 1970s, turning strawberry fields into a golf course and homes. MWSA services the homes from the Bainbridge Athletic Club west to Miller Road, north to Just a Meer (the original entrance to the community), and on the south of Koura Road from Fairmont west to Hart Lane.

MWSA also provides water to the Meadowmeer Golf & Country Club. The water system currently includes the water tank on Mandus Olson in the Grand Forest, an aeration tank, and four water wells.

MWSA was formed in 1987 to take over operational control of the water system. Over the next ten years, extensions were added to bring additional homes into the system.


In April of 2020, KPUD took over management of the water system. KPUD handles the Department of Health regulations and requirements necessary to provide safe water to our neighbors and shareholders. The MWSA is operated by a board of shareholder volunteers.

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