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  1. Do keep your water meter clear of vegetation to ensure MWSA has access to read it.  Additional charges may be imposed for MWSA to maintain access to your water meter.

  2. Do repair leaks. All water leaks on the customer’s side of the water meter are the responsibility of the customer to fix. Water use charges associated with the leak are also the responsibility of the customer.

  3. Do test Backflow Prevention Devices on an annual basis. Washington state law requires customers to test the Backflow Prevention Devices on their property on an annual basis.  A copy of each test result must be submitted to MWSA to retain on file.

  4. Do be reasonable in water use. Delivering sufficient high-quality drinking water to all customers is MWSA’s primarily purpose. Customers must be reasonable in water use for the benefit of all neighbors. Excess use (e.g., filling a swimming pool) must be arranged with MWSA beforehand.

  5. Do consider the health of our aquifer. Do not dispose of harmful chemicals on your property, and minimize use of pesticides and herbicides.

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